Why Should I become a member of the PNA?  We are a Fraternal organization, as you may know. But, what does this mean? How are we different? What does the PNA offer that I cant get some where else?  The answer is that as a Member of the PNA, you are considered as family in the PNA. Our Members are all part of an organization that cares about you. Assets that the PNA acquires goes right back to our Members, our Polish heritage, and what we represent and support and not lining pockets of big cooperates or any off shore investors.  We support Poland, all people of Polish descendent's, Polish-Americans and take Pride in our Polish heritage.
Next Lodge Business Meeting: July 15th 2014, 6:00 PM, ACPL Little Turtle Branch, 2201 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jane Willmert - the Art of Pysanky
(The Foundation for Art and Music in Elementary Education)
March 13-14 2010, Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Jane is very talented and knowledgeable in the art of Pysanky and has been doing for many years.  She demonstrated making Pysanky eggs at the 2010 FAME Festival, on March 13 and 14th, this year at the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne.   She is a wonderful person and has been very helpful with many tips and resources for the egg decorating and the process and helped with our beginners Instructional we held, March 16th, at the ACPL Georgetown Branch. 

(The pictures below, from her booth at the FAME Festival, were uploaded in hi resolution. If you click on them you will be able to see in great detail.)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Artwork from Polish students displayed at the FAME Festival 

(The Foundation for Art and Music in Elementary Education) March 13-14, 2010, Fort Wayne, Indiana, at the Grand Wayne Center.

The focus for the Fort Wayne FAME Festival this year was on the Fort Wayne's Sister Cities; Płock Poland, Gera Germany, and Takaoka Japan.

(Click on the pictures below to see the more detailed artwork !)
(Click on the above pictures to see the more detailed artwork !)
the Polish National Alliance, White Eagle Lodge
Booth at the 2010 FAME Festival
March 14-15, 2010
at the Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Workers at the booth for Poland Saturday: Jean Podzielinski, Joyce Pacer, Richard Pacer and Jeff Wilenski.  Sunday: Richard Pacer, Jeff Wilenski and Stan Podzielinski.  Next year we propose that the FWSCI, Poland, Germany and Japan booths are all close or all next to each other.  

FAME Fort Wayne Sister Cities International Passport
The 2010 FAME Festival at the Grand Wayne Center had Fort Wayne's International Festival traditional "Passports" with activities for the kids to participate in focusing on our three Sister Cities Countries of origin (Poland, Germany and Japan).


This festival excursion had many activities and art projects for the kids to participate in. Poland had booths featuring in the (a simplified) art of "Psyanky" egg decorating and Wycinanki (paper cut out) art booths.