Why Should I become a member of the PNA?  We are a Fraternal organization, as you may know. But, what does this mean? How are we different? What does the PNA offer that I cant get some where else?  The answer is that as a Member of the PNA, you are considered as family in the PNA. Our Members are all part of an organization that cares about you. Assets that the PNA acquires goes right back to our Members, our Polish heritage, and what we represent and support and not lining pockets of big cooperates or any off shore investors.  We support Poland, all people of Polish descendent's, Polish-Americans and take Pride in our Polish heritage.
Next Lodge Business Meeting: July 15th 2014, 6:00 PM, ACPL Little Turtle Branch, 2201 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne

Sunday, August 7, 2011


August 17-21, 2011 - Hyatt Regency Hotel - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jeff Wilenski - Candidate for District XV Commissioner
- PNA Member for 30 years
- Officer of Lodge 3149 for 11 years
- Lodge Treasurer for 4 years
- Lodge President for 7 years to present
- District XV Director 3 years to present
- District XV 2009 Leadership-Star Award
Jeff Wilenski has been an active member of the Polish National Alliance and White Eagle Lodge 3149 for the past thirty years. He has served as an Officer for the past eleven years. Has served three years to present as a District XV Director. Has served as Lodge Treasurer for four years and has been President of Lodge 3149 for the past seven years to present.

Mr. Wilenski is very active, shows enthusiasm and leadership in the Polish community, Polish and Polish-American organizations and to its members.  He looks forward to strengthening and empowering the Lodges in District XV, the Fraternalism of the PNA and the Polish and Polish-American Community.
Mr. Wilenskis objectives as Commissioner will be to set a precedence of Leadership, show ambition and strength, reestablish the greatness of the PNA and our fraternalism, to lead by example, educate new generations, to provide effective ways and means of communication to collectively work together in the District as a whole, have organization in the District and to provide stability and reestablish and build fraternalism in the Lodges and in District XV.

The PNA is a great organization. Let’s provide the avenue together to revitalize and strengthen our Lodges, District XV and our Organization, its goals, and fraternalism, to keep in our tradition, have enthusiasm and pride in belonging to the Polish National Alliance, being a member and to our Polish heritage and culture for us and for our future members and it's generations.

Monday, August 1, 2011


MTV - Holocaust Commercial -    - History repeats itself -    - MTV Commercial - Think!


A biographical account of Millie Zygmunt Rytel's life. For over 60 years, Millie had kept her past private, she had not talked about it with anyone, even her own daughters. This is an important book about Mlilie's life that needs to be heard, about her persecution, determination and survival to make it from German occupied Poland to her Freedom in America.
At gunpoint, Russian soldiers force their way into the Walter Zygmunt house. They are herded into a cattle car, Millie Zygmunt, her parents and sisters are unloaded at a slave labor camp in Siberia. "The Devil," an ugly man, assigns jobs and sets quotas.
Millie Rytel is a very stong Polish woman and active Polish-American, a devoted member of the Polish National Alliance, President of Lodge 3095 and PNA Council 49 and a friend of mine who I respect dearly.
Contact me via Facebook or email to jwilenski@netscape.net about getting a personalized signed copy of her book.  View Millie Rytel inteview on Youtube.