Why Should I become a member of the PNA?  We are a Fraternal organization, as you may know. But, what does this mean? How are we different? What does the PNA offer that I cant get some where else?  The answer is that as a Member of the PNA, you are considered as family in the PNA. Our Members are all part of an organization that cares about you. Assets that the PNA acquires goes right back to our Members, our Polish heritage, and what we represent and support and not lining pockets of big cooperates or any off shore investors.  We support Poland, all people of Polish descendent's, Polish-Americans and take Pride in our Polish heritage.
Next Lodge Business Meeting: July 15th 2014, 6:00 PM, ACPL Little Turtle Branch, 2201 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good news for the Plock Poland Commemoration Garden as a Sister City of Fort Wayne
The Fort Wayne's (Park & Recreation Department's) Polish Garden, located downtown, next to the Community Center at 233 West Main Street, has been in the need of renovation.  Originally dedicated to Our Sister City of Płock Poland, with the Płock's City Seal, over 6 years ago.  Some of the wood boards on the structure are deteriorated and is in need of repair.  I have been embarrassed recently to tell  people that it is the Commemoration Garden of our Sister City in Poland.
I have long believed it was in need of more than just a few boards replaced.  It needed more emphases.  Something much better.  Most people in Fort Wayne are not even aware of it's existence.
Good news here is their are plans to completely redo the whole garden.  John Deere is generously offering to help this project through.  From my  preliminary hearing of what is being planned, it sounds like it will be a extremely huge improvement, that we will soon be proud to say that this is a Polish Garden in Fort Wayne.  What a better time for the Płock's Commemorative garden to be completely redone than during the 20th anniversary of Płocks and Fort Wayne joining together as Sister Cities.
On July 12th a Dedication Celebration will be held at Parkview Ball Field (prior to game).  Plans are being made for a 20th Year Anniversary and Dedication Ceremony at the garden on July 13th, 2010 with the Mayor of Płock and other delegates from Płock Poland attending.

(Polish Gargen LocationLatitude 41.07951, Longitude -85.14329)
Churches encouraged to ring bells three times at 1 p.m. Wednesday

Fort Wayne, Ind. – Strengthening a Sister City bond in the wake of the tragic plane crash Saturday that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 96 other people, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry today expressed his sympathy to the people of Poland and asked Fort Wayne residents to send their condolences to Plock residents.

Starting at 1 p.m. Wednesday through May 2 during regular business hours, a condolence book will be available in the lobby of the City-County Building for anyone to sign. Mayor Henry will present the book to Plock’s mayor, Miroslaw Milewski, next month as part of the already-planned Sister City trip to Fort Wayne’s Eastern European partner.

Mayor Henry also invited churches and other houses of worship to ring their bells three times at 1 p.m. Wednesday followed by a minute of silence to mark the accident involving Polish dignitaries during a trip to Russia.

“The horrific plane crash that killed many of Poland’s top leaders is not only a national tragedy, but also one that touches all of us here in Fort Wayne,” Mayor Henry said. “Our hearts go out to the people of Poland, as we join with our Sister City Plock in mourning their immeasurable loss. We are with them in spirit. Through the gesture of the condolence book, we can share our sorrow and show that Indiana cares.”

This year commemorates the 20th anniversary of Fort Wayne’s Sister City relationship with Plock.

C.M. Sloan & Sons donated the condolence book that will go to Poland.

# # #  (Rachel Blakeman, Public Information Officer, City of Fort Wayne, April 13, 2010 )

Fort Wayne honoring of late Polish President Lech Kaczynski & Polish Officials.
(April 13, 2010, 1:00 p.m. Church Bells of the Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception, Fort Wayne, IN)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish president Lech Kaczynski killed in plane crash.  All 96 passengers, including top Polish officials, dead after presidential aircraft crashes in thick fog. The Tupulov Tu-154 plane came down in the Russian town of Smolensk at 7am GMT, April 10, 2010, about a mile (1.5km) from Smolensk airport.  Kaczynski was visiting Smolensk to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre.
"The Polish presidential plane did not make it to the runway while landing. Tentative findings indicate that it hit the treetops and fell apart. Nobody has survived the disaster,"  Instead of Landing in Minsk, Kaczyński’s Plane Crashed in Smolensk

- a condolence book will be available in the lobby of the Fort Wayne, IN, City-County Building for anyone to sign April 14 through May 2. Fort Wayne Mayor Henry will present the book to Płock’s mayor, Mirosław Milewski, next month as part of the already-planned (FWSCI) Sister City trip to Płock‎ Poland.