Why Should I become a member of the PNA?  We are a Fraternal organization, as you may know. But, what does this mean? How are we different? What does the PNA offer that I cant get some where else?  The answer is that as a Member of the PNA, you are considered as family in the PNA. Our Members are all part of an organization that cares about you. Assets that the PNA acquires goes right back to our Members, our Polish heritage, and what we represent and support and not lining pockets of big cooperates or any off shore investors.  We support Poland, all people of Polish descendent's, Polish-Americans and take Pride in our Polish heritage.
Next Lodge Business Meeting: July 15th 2014, 6:00 PM, ACPL Little Turtle Branch, 2201 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pysanky Eggs April 19, 2011

          After our regular monthly Business meeting on April 19, 2011, our Lodge participated in a project of making Pysanky eggs.  Everyone made wonderful eggs in such a short time that we had during this project.  We all had a great time doing the project.  We hope this may be a yearly project and to expand of efforts to inculde more people interestend in Polish culture and traditions.

       There is an old tale that explains the reasoning of bad worldly events or evil in the world, that it's related to Pysanky, because there is not enough people making Pysanky to replace any of the eggs that break, referring that we need to make more Pysanky eggs for good to happen in the whole world!

Wigilia Super

       Our 2010 Wigilia was a success, and of course as a tradition, the weather was a challenge for us,  we set up the room, decorated, shoveled snow and salted the walks to help guide our friends to the door to share a lovely Wigilia once again with us.  Thank you to all who helped make our Wigilia special and such a great occasion.
      We look forward to next year's Wigilia on December 4, 2011 at the Aboite Township Fire House Community Room, 11321 Aboite Center Rd, in Fort Wayne IN.  Opłatek should be available for 1.00 a package to send to family you may not be able to see on Christmas, inquire Jean Podzielinski for details.

      Hope to see you next year ice, snow, sleet, hail, rain or shine!  (Pictures courtesy of Gabe Delobbe, photographer FWSCI)